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CUSTOMINE X Blithe & Merry - Blue Twinning Set

CUSTOMINE X Blithe & Merry


Joanna Wee - a Singaporean Jewellery designer and leather crafter, founder of Blithe & Merry & the ambitious and inspiring mother of two. She gave up her full-time job in corporate communications and focus on raising her children while running a business with her creativity to make money - all from her home.


  • A great option for an everyday change of clothes
  • Go matchy-matchy with your child
  • Unique graphic designs, customized it by adding your choice of name/text
  • Infant-safe prints
  • Fabric/Material
    • Romper: 68% cotton, 32% polyester, soft on babies' delicate skin
    • T-shirt All Over Print: Dri-Fit

CUSTOMINE X Blithe & Merry - Blue Twinning Set

SKU: 201904TW8051