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Joanna Wee - a Singaporean Jewellery designer and leather crafter, founder of Blithe & Merry & the ambitious and inspiring mother of two. She gave up her full -time job in corporate communications and focus on raising her children while running a business with her creativity to make money - all from her home.




Joanna Wee

Mother of two.

Jewellery designer, leather crafter& Founder of

Blithe & Merry




        “While it is not an easy task to juggle between taking care of the kids & building the business from home. I reckoned it is all about leaving a legacy for my daughters. I want to be the role model for my daughter & show them that with hard work and passion, we will be able to build a successful business.”


Through her 12 years of making jewelry, Joanna has evolved from putting together beads and charms to form cutesy and kitschy designs, to more feminine and elegant pieces that involve intense wirework. Check out this funky & colorful twinning set we have worked with Joanne, available in 3 colorways!




Emma Bok, a stylist, a young and fashionable mother, who is also the founder of ANOTHER FASHION ONLINE. Emma falls for the brand as she shared the same value with CUSTOMINE brand value of unique, bold, bright and colorful design patterns. "You're your own designer. the customized service is the core value of the brand identity, I like the fact that I can own my custom-made designer masterpiece for my family. Just like every family is unique in its own way."



Mother of a cute daughter.

Stylist & Founder of ANOTHER FASHION.

        "My passion for fashion

      doesn't change

        even I  become a Mum,

            feel good before you look good" 


Emma combined her passions and founded ANOTHER after she gave birth to her daughter BOOKING, check out this funky 70s retro twinning set we have worked with Emma, available in tee set (2👕👕 - available in romper too) or dress set (1👕+1👗) at all sizes!

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